Daffodilly Dandelion Handmade Art Dolls & Toys

handmade felt bearsWelcome to Daffodilly Dandelion where you can find art that you can play with!

Delilah Hatch Artist MakerHi I’m Delilah, and I’m the artist and maker here at Daffodilly Dandelion. I love to make toys. But I’m also a artist and creator at heart. I want to make art that is accessible to children and adults alike!

I love when someone buys one of my pieces as a decorative piece for their home or work space. But I love it even more if my toys make their way into a child’s bedroom or nursery, and even more still if my art makes it way into a child’s arms.

Every piece I make is lovingly hand crafted. I do my best to source materials that are well made, can stand up to a bit of fun, and even better if they are sourced locally or by other small businesses or makes/artists.

I also try my very best to construct the dolls and toys I make so that children can play with them without the fear of breaking them. However I will make note on each item whether it is an item appropriate for play, as well as care instructions and a certificate of authenticity.

I do hope you enjoy my works. Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to take a look around and return often as I will add new items regularly.